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7. Summary – (10/2010)

First, our “Seminarfach”- group had a hard time finding a suitable topic. After many discussions and multiple options it came to our mind, that the group consists of two right- handed and two left- handed people. Sure enough we wanted to find out more about the phenomenon of different hand usages.

While working, our intention was to make the right- handed society aware of the problems of left –handed people. We discovered that not many people necessarily think about those problems if they are not personally effected. During the time we planned on doing tests and self-experiments.

At the beginning we created a survey, which was supposed to tell us, what peoples general attitude towards the topic is. Later we made an appointment with the kindergarden “Walschbergknirpse” in Walschleben, where we wanted to do individual tests with children to see how far they have already been influenced by external factors and how far they still act spontaneously.

We accomplished all those goals and furthermore started a self experiment by choosing a topic-linked text, which we should write once a week. While writing, we timed ourselves to see how the time changes up. Also we looked at changes in the typeface to find out, if reeducation is possible at our age.

During our Seminarfacharbeit we found out, that people should not be reeducated because even scientists are not sure about all the consequences. Furthermore we can say that today people do not see the need to do so anymore.

And this is not the only problem. Left-handed people have the issue that the dominant hand is not used enough in daily life. But there is a new acceptance for the topic which made people create special items like scissors for lefties. More and more is developed which makes life easier.